Actual Things I Have Heard People Say in My School

For a bit of context, I go to an all girls public secondary school in the UK (Greater London) which is majority Muslim.

  Heterosexual people are all homophobic, I hate heteros!

While there are some homophobic people in my school (the only one I know, and she was completely serious when she said this, got up in a PSHCE lesson and said “gay people are disgusting. I just want to go up to them and tell them stop”) it’s quite hypocritical to say “I hate heteros”. People like that make me want to go up to them and say “I hate all gay people” just to see how they’d react. It does not help that most all of the gay people I know are raging social justice warriors.

The majority of people who support Brexit are racist and don’t like foreigners . It makes me ashamed to be from this country.

This person was insinuating that the majority of Brexit voters were racists. Obviously some people voted leave due to racist reasons, but 17.4 million? I find that highly unlikely. You can’t deny that immigration is a problem in the UK and more than half of it comes from the EU. In fact, anyone who denies that immigration is a problem should read this. You can’t deny reality forever. You know what, maybe, just maybe, you should be proud that your country is actually putting themselves and you before other countries.

I did not support Brexit, but now I’m having second thoughts.

That (white) baby would look so much cuter if it was black

This quote sounds so stupid (because it is). In fact, its pretty hilarious. The person who said this was black, so does that make it ok? No! Of course it doesn’t! Again, I would like to go up to that person, point at a random black baby and say “Awww, that baby over there would be so much cuter if it was white!”.

Honestly, peoples double standards make me sick.



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