Please Tell Me All Schools Are Not Like This

Honestly I’m a little scared for the people in my school. The all girls secondary school I go to in greater London is (unsurprisingly) Muslim dominated, which I obviously don’t mind. Its even great for me on Ramadan because I don’t have to wait in the lunch line for like 10 hours and we just watch movies in class because most of the class isn’t here. I’m just a bit worried about some of the things that those people are saying and believe. For example, after the Manchester terror attack I was in English, one girl on my table,who is really nice most of the time and I’m friends with, said that “that’s what those girls get for going to a concert where the woman was dressed like that”. She wasn’t being sarcastic, she was completely serious. And its even worse that everyone else on my table agreed with her. A few other examples are:

  • In history and we were learning about the treatment of the Jews in Nazi Germany, and one girl said that “all Jews hate Muslims”
  • During a “debate” about Black Lives Matter (basically my entire class shouting at me for 40 minutes about why I’m a racist Nazi fascist Islamophobe who has to support Black Lives Matter because of my white privilege) they said the entire media is run by Zionists so you can’t trust it (they then proceeded to use examples from the same media to tell my why I’m all those things listed above). What Zionists, Jews, Israel and Palestine have to do with BLM I’ll never know.
  • Today during break about five people in my form were talking about how we should study the Quran in English class instead of Shakespeare and how we should have to learn about Islam in RS. One of the girls then started saying about how we should take the Quran literally. Yes, of course we should take the Quran literally when it says things like “And kill them wherever you find them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out“. The them is referring to non Muslims.
  • During the same BLM debate someone tried to bring up how a Muslim girl was kicked out of a library in the UK as a point, when I said that had nothing to do with racism in the US or BLM they said I was “saying that Islamophobia doesn’t exist” and that I’m islamophobia.
  • Last year when we were in year 8 (7th grade in America) someone left a note in my form saying there was going to be a terrorist attack in the school. I’m sure it was just a sick joke, but no one got in trouble for it and the person who did it was hardly even searched for.

The people in my school are usually nice, but sometimes it feels like they are always making themselves out to be the victims when they really are not. They can also be a bit crazy, you can’t even show a picture of Theresa May or mention conservatives without a full riot in the classroom. You can’t even wear a skirt slightly above knee length without being called a slut. I really hope its just my school and its not like this everywhere.

By the way these are 13-14 year old girls, not 6th formers or anything like that.



I would really like to try writing fanfiction, I read a lot of it anyway. The only problem is the only ideas I have are, well, very kinky! (;;;*_*)

Anyway, I probably won’t have time either way as I have exams coming up and I really need to get good grades in something other than Spanish and Psychology. I got an 8 in my Spanish exam (equivalent to an A* for anyone not in the UK), but my report said I got a 6 (about a B)! You don’t know how angry I was at my Spanish teacher.